Jessica Weiss

Ignite a culture of happiness at work

Ignite a culture of happiness at work

The happier and more engaged your workforce, the more your organization will flourish - increased productivity, efficiency and bottom line.

Love Your Work, Love Your Life.

Who Is Jessica

Jessica has spent the last 15 years doing endless research, speaking to thousands of people, all about happiness.

Jessica Weiss is a speaker and consultant who teaches businesses how to find more happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction at work. With 15 years of experience working with global brands like Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and American Express, Jessica is a trusted source for those who are searching for tangible, research-based strategies to create happier workers.

Jessica Weiss is a TEDx speaker and organizational leadership expert who uses her humor and "tell-it-like-it-is" style to teach companies across the country why work can and should be a source of happiness, and how to create spaces where people love to work.

Jessica is an expert in leadership, culture and organizational development who understands what it really takes to unlock engagement. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and has an MBA from Columbia University.


Speaking Topics



There is no magic potion to create a happy workplace; what it really comes down to is habits.This signature talk is perfect for individuals at all organizational levels.

The audience will learn:
  • simple habits that generate more happiness at work
  • what the research says about cultivating individual happiness
  • strategies to identify and reframe potential happiness obstacles



Organizations are only as strong as their people. and never has individual happiness been under a greater threat than now. Desperate to achieve a competitive edge, organizations are wondering how they can bring out the best in their people. And it's possible.

In this talk designed for supervisory staff through executive leadership, the audience will learn:
  • the 5 essential keys for happiness at work
  • research that supports the connection between individual happiness and company performance
  • proven and tactical tools leaders can use to help their teams achieve more happiness and engagement

Available – in Keynote, full day, and half day workshops.


Keynote Speaker

Jessica believes that employee happiness is the secret ingredient for extraordinary success. She knows that happiness is a serious tool for business. With over 15 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest organizations, Jessica has learned that when people are happy and fulfilled at work, they go on to achieve extraordinary things for the companies that they work for.

As a keynote speaker, Jessica brings out the potential in everybody, leaving her audiences inspired, energized, thinking differently about the world and equipped with tangible skills that they can use to create more happiness at work and in life.

Jessica is on a mission to help transform the way employees think about their work by giving them and their employers the framework, services and ideas they need to make meaningful change.

Everyone will learn practical skills on how to actually create lasting and sustainable happiness at work as well as the practical frameworks to implement those ideas that can be applied immediately.

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