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Keynote #1

The Heart of High Performing Teams: How happiness increases collaboration and communication on incredible teams

In this engaging and entertaining presentation, learn from workplace culture and happiness expert Jessica Weiss, as she shares groundbreaking and actionable research that helps leaders from across the country build a deeper sense of resilience, psychological safety, and belonging with their teams. By helping them decode the heart of happiness, leaders will understand how to build and sustain happiness, and drive high performance not by force, but because their teams find themselves in happier, more inclusive environments.

Attendees will learn:
  • How to drive engagement and connection regardless of whether teams are hybrid, remote or in-office
  • What the five critical steps are to building a culture of trust and resiliency
  • The toolkit that creates a culture of collaboration and creativity
  • Why a culture of happiness is the foundation for all high performing teams
  • The root of happiness and how to achieve more of it on a daily basis

Available in-person, virtual and workshops.

Keynote #2

The Happiness Equation: How happiness attracts and builds high-performing teams

Why is it so difficult to keep our best people? Why is it so difficult to attract the best talent and more importantly what do we do? It turns out after studying hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals, workplace culture expert Jessica Weiss has discovered that the solution no one is seeing to the problem that everyone recognizes they have - is happiness. And to understand that happiness is the basis for collaboration, for trust, for effective leadership and the ability to navigate uncertainty and change. What we can then understand is that by developing and focusing on happiness first, we are able to build incredible teams and not worry about the things that kept us up at night in previous years.

Attendees will learn:
  • How to build better work relationships by creating the time to do so
  • Effectively communicate across departments and teams
  • Different strategies to build better individual and team cohesion
  • Increase connection by establishing stronger rapport and how to do it
  • Breakdown the us vs. them barrier rampant in many workplace

Available in-person, virtual and workshops.

Keynote #3

The Burnout Antidote: How happiness can prevent burnout from ever occurring

Following years of increased unpredictability and rapid change, people from all walks of life are experiencing fatigue, overwhelm, and demotivation. Reports of burnout are sky high and only getting worse. We are looking for a more effective way than merely surviving - we want to thrive and to flourish without the relentless grind. Happiness, as unassuming as it may be, is the answer.

Attendees will learn:
  • The relationship between happiness and burnout, and what they can teach us
  • Three steps to stop burnout before it happens
  • Five tools to overcome disconnection, low morale and overwhelm
  • How happiness can mitigate exhaustion and improve wellbeing
  • The foundation of happiness, where it comes from, and how to enhance it

Available in-person, virtual and workshops.


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Jessica Weiss is a speaker and consultant who teaches businesses how to find more happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction at work. With 15 years of experience working with global brands like Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and American Express, Jessica is a trusted source for those who are searching for tangible, research-based strategies to create happier workers.

Jessica Weiss is a TEDX speaker and organizational leadership expert who uses her humor and "tell-it-like-it-is" style to teach companies across the country why work can and should be a source of happiness, and how to create spaces where people love to work.

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