Step 1: Where do I even begin??

The past few years have been a doozy – I think that’s universal. But, in those moments where everything has fallen asunder, where it feels like you have hit rock bottom – you hate your job, or you just lost your job, or you feel stagnant and you are just so ready for a change – believe it or not - these are the precise moments of opportunity. For me, when things have been the worst and things have looked their most bleak – that’s when I have felt the freedom and I have given myself the permission to go after the stuff I never would have done.

Ok, so you are about to embark on your career transformation. Where do you start? First thing, you must uncover your Zone of Genius. You are going to hear me use this term a lot and you might wonder – what is she even talking about? I define it – as the stuff that only you can do , that nobody else can do. It is almost as unique to you as your fingerprint and ideally I try to spend as much time as I can in my Zone of Genius.

What makes up your Zone of Genius?

  1. Your Values – the stuff that makes you the happiest
  2. Your Talents, Your Skills, Your Strengths - the stuff that you are great at
  3. Your Support Networks – the people who will lift you up and carry you through
  4. Your Confidence – the belief that you have in yourself
  5. Your Future Possibilities- the direction that you want to be moving in

This framework will allow you to stay focused on what matters the most. The goal is for you to become a little bit more driven by what actually makes you feel happy, what makes you thrive, and what makes you shine. You might be stuck. You might be in a rut and feeling like you aren’t making any progress. You might even feel that you made the wrong turn somewhere. You might feel like you are not where you are supposed to be right now. But here’s the great news - no matter where you have been and no matter where you are right now – all along the way you have cultivated specific skills that you will need in crafting the future that you want.

Stay tuned for practical tools, tips, techniques and advice on how to uncover your values, how to name your strengths, how to create robust networks, how to grow your confidence and self belief, and how to uncover your future possibilities.